The European Flax® label

What's the European Flax® label ?

Created by the CELC (European Confederation of Flax and Hemp), the European Flax® label guarantees the origin of a premium quality flax fiber cultivated in Western Europe: France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Controlled by independent bodies, European Flax® certified flax preserves, enhances and safeguards European agricultural industries, its territorial origin and its know-how that cannot be relocated.

Worldwide known, this certification is intended to be identified by the final consumer and includes all flax-based products.

What does the European Flax® label certify ?

The European Flax® label certifies the origin and traceability of European flax. Derived from local agriculture that respects the environment, this fiber natural, 100% vegetable and vegan, is grown without irrigation, GMO-free and produces no waste. The European Flax® label alse guarantees fair working conditions of a point of social and ethical view for workers throughout the production chain.

Healthy and durable, certified European Flax® is hypoallergenic and poses no risk to the health of the consumer. It has exceptional natural properties : extremely resistant, European linen is a noble textile that is also distinguished by its comfort, its thermoregulatory power and its capacity to evacuate moisture.

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