The Carré Blanc quality

The comforters designed by Carré Blanc are of French manufacture, except for the Hanoi comforter made in China, in the land of Silk. Our manufacturer partner works to achieve excellence, including the use of old techniques, such as woodworking machines, to avoid generating static electricity.

Whether they are trimmed with silk, feathers, down or synthetic fibres, comforters and Carré Blanc pillows meet the most demanding requirements in terms of quality of materials and finishes. Our natural fillings are composed of of duck and goose feathers and down. These guarantee the softest of welcomes and an exceptional swelling.

Our ethics

We favour a responsible approach in order to offer you sustainable products. and healthy. Coming from geese and ducks raised in France at feathers and comforters filling the comforters and comforters for consumption purposes, and pillows Carré Blanc do not cause any animal suffering related to plucking.

Our products are suitable for allergy sufferers. The feathers and down are indeed heat treatment up to 120°C, guaranteeing a high level of protection. sterile comforter that can be used by everyone. This filling can also receive a treatment based on vegetable oil from the tree of Neem, natural anti-mite.

Entretenir sa couette

Caring for your comforter

To wash your comforter, Follow the recommendations on the label. Natural comforters can be machine washed or dry cleaned. Comforters synthetic or hybrid products are machine washed, while synthetic or hybrid silk comforters must be dry washed. Wash your comforter at 40°C then insert 2 or 3 tennis balls into the drum during drying. This trick allows you to keep the swelling of your natural comforter. For Hybrid or synthetic comforters, prefer drying. in the open air.

Entretenir son oreiller

Caring for your pillow

To preserve the cleanliness of your pillow, it may be wise to use a waterproof protection against perspiration, saliva or excess moisture of sebum. Here again, please refer to the instructions care instructions on the label. Pillows are washed between 40 and 60°C depending on their filling. Only the shape memory pillow escapes the rule: the foam block does not wash, only the cover goes to the machine. To keep pillows supple, Put 3 tennis balls in the dryer.

Entretenir son sur-matelas

Caring for your mattress topper

The mattress topper is not only useful to compensate for a mattress too firm or improve general sleep comfort. It also helps to keep the mattress cool by protecting it. dirt and dust. To maintain it, choose for washing at 60°C.

Entretenir ses protections

Maintain your protections

Indispensable for the comfort of the sleeper, protections allow to keep a new and clean bedding for a long time. Carré Blanc offers you effective waterproof protection against dust mites, mould and bacteria. The pillow protectors must be washed at 60°C, while the pillow protectors must be washed at 60°C. that mattress protectors require washing at 95°C.

Le conseil d'expert

The right things to do

On a daily basis, remember to air your room every morning. Hang the comforter by the window to dry the part in contact with the skin. Shake your comforter and your pillows to sanitize them and get rid of dust mites.

Carré Blanc advises you to renew a natural comforter every 8-10 years, all the time. every 5 years a synthetic comforter and every 3 years a pillow. In order to preserve swelling of your natural or synthetic upholstery, we recommend you to do not use a vacuum compaction bag.

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