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Urban, classic, bohemian or vintage: all styles are possible for your bath set. At Carré Blanc, our designs are constantly evolving in line with the latest trends and are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. To create a unique atmosphere in your bathroom, create a harmonious bath set that suits you. Respectful of skin and the environment, our cotton bathrobes and towels envelop you in a bubble of softness as soon as you get out of the shower.


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  • What materials are used in Carré Blanc bath sets?

    Carré Blanc bath sets are made from organic cotton, soft cotton or bamboo viscose. Each material has its own advantages. With a grammage ranging from 300 to 600 g/m², cotton provides softness and well-being when getting out of the bath. Bamboo viscose is also very soft and has excellent absorption qualities.

  • How to choose your Carré Blanc bath set?

    You can choose your Carré Blanc bath set according to your own decorating style: urban, classic, chic or exotic. Choose your next plain or fancy bath set according to the color harmony you wish to give your room. Let yourself be tempted by our collections of matching bathrobes for women, men and children.

  • Can Carré Blanc bath sets be customized?

    Our Carré Blanc bath sets can be customized online or in-store thanks to our embroidery service. To make the best choice for your bath set and your favorite product to personalize, go to our article on which bath linen to choose.

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