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Linen editor, revealing inspirations

Since 1984

At the beginning of Carré Blanc, there is a passion for artistic gesture and the creation of exclusive collections. Every day, our stylists imagine new models, invent new uses and create new desires for the whole house. For For us, household linen is a blank sheet of paper, on which we express ourselves freely, according to our inspirations: a white square, like the canvas of a painting ...

35 years of sharing

For 35 years now, we have been creating and sharing strong emotioins with our customers. From the conception to the sale of our products, we want to write a powerful story with all family members.

Dominique Durand President

Our history

It all began 35 years ago in the heart of the Textile Basin of Roanne in the Loire. Since the beginning, our style department draws its inspiration from market trends, and collaborates with the best style agencies of the French capital to realize unique creations that will brighten up the whole house.

We pay special attention to the quality of our products.

If all of our collections are designed by our team of stylists in Roanne, we use the best manufacturing sources in Europe, Turkey, Brazil and Asia. We pay special attention to the quality of our products, respect for the environment and the health of our customers (REACH standards and OEKOTEX certification).

Thanks to our know-how, we have become in a matter  of a few years the first linen distribution network in France. This dimension allows us to offer you new designs every two weeks in our 250 stores, in France and abroad.

Our history

A few key dates

Creation of Carré Blanc
Opening of the first Parisian store
Opening of the first store abroad
Signature of agreements Roland Garros
White Square receives the international trophy of the network
Deployment the new concept store

Our expertise

A perfect quality

Carré Blanc products are recognized for their flawless quality. and their neat finishes. The designs of our stylists come to life in the most beautiful materials. We work with cotton in its purest form to design exceptional ornaments. Percale, linen and satin are our means of expression. We imagine, conceive and realize a linen which suits you to bring in comfort, warmth and happiness in your home.

Genesis of a collection

Our values

Carré Blanc


The passion for the artistic gesture
of creator.


An invitation to freedom and the expression of one's personality.


A linen that triggers an emotion.


The know-how in the selection of the most beautiful fabrics.


Collections that are constantly renewing themselves.

We meet the highest requirements in terms of material quality and finishes

Our products

Carré Blanc produces quality, creative and modern household linen to the attention of each family member. As an inspiration revealer, we develop, unique products to arrange the decoration of your home over the seasons.

Carré Blanc also offers a wide range of bath sheets and bathrobes to provide you comfort on a daily basis. At the beach or in the bathroom, our soft and fluffy towels are the promise of pure moments of well-being.

Our duvets and pillows meet the highest requirements in terms of material quality and finishes. Our plain or fancy bed linen allows you to rethink the way you look at your bedroom. Our elegant prints and refined embroideries refined find their place in the most trendy interiors.

Finally, our kitchen linen allows you to impress your guests by creating a table worthy of the name! Apron, glove, tea towel ... Our kitchen ornaments ar designed for all kitchen lovers.

The iconic Carré Blanc

The bathrobe

Woven into the finest combed cotton yarns, our bathrobes are the privileged partners of the relaxing moments. Since the creation of the brand, no less than 2 million bathrobes have wrapped big and small after bath. As the centerpiece of the homewear locker, they are the best allies for sleeping in on Sundays.

The bath sheet

In the span of 35 years, our stylists have imagined no less than 1500 colors for your bathroom. From coral to blue lagoon through red cherry red, the most trendy shades cover your interior in accordance with the season. Plain or fancy, our bath sheets are cosy and resistant. Timeless, they create a decoration that suits you.

The beach towel

With its tropical patterns and tangy colors, the Carre Blanc beach towel is an essential element of vacation. Whether it is used for a nap on the beach or dry off after swimming, our bath linen with sunny touches has been created to turn idleness moments into beautiful holiday memories.

Bed linen

& finishings

The percale

Thanks to a weave of 80 threads/cm², the cotton percale stands out by by its matt appearance. Very resistant, it offers softness and a fresh feeling to the touch.

The satin

Its specific weaving technique, where 120 threads/cm² intertwine, makes cotton satin the finest material in the world. Its silky touch and its shiny finish go hand in hand with the with a strong insulating power, perfect for winter.


As a vegetable fiber, extracted from the stem of a herbaceous plant called linum. Thanks to its thermo-regulating properties, it keeps warm in winter and brings coolness in summer. It is appreciated for its crumpled aspect that makes it even more beautiful after several washings.


To create an embroidered design on fabric, our suppliers use to different techniques. The located embroidery allows for the creation of a unique pattern, while the continuous embroidery translates into a pattern that repeats itself. It brings relief and a top-end finish.


Printing enables the retranscription of the designs from our stylists on textile. There are three types of printing: flat-frame printing is used to create located patterns such as animals or flowers. Rotary printing allows you to create patterns repetitive all-over thanks to a cylindrical machine. Finally, digital printing works the same way as a classic printer: it offers a more detailed finish and a greater intensity of colors.


Used for bed, bath or kitchen linen, this traditional method involves intertwining threads in order to create a complex design, visible on both sides of the textile.

Bath linen

& finishings

The loop yarn

Made of 100% cotton, the terry loop is a long curly yarn. which brings a soft touch and a lot of comfort. Depending on the technique used, it is referred to as standard loop yarn, flecked loop yarn or granite loop yarn.

The honeycomb

Similar to the nest of the bees whose name it bears, its texture all in reliefs has a high absorption capacity. The honeycomb is appreciated for its lightness and fast drying.


The velvet is obtained by shaving the loop yarn. Its supple and elegant material offers a better finish of colors and patterns. It is characterized by its softness to the touch.

Bamboo viscose

Definitely top-of-the-range, bamboo viscose stands out by its appearance. brilliant. Soft and silky, it generally blends with cotton to create a higher quality of terry towel.


Made of 100% Polyester, the soft is generally used to design homewear such as pajamas or dressing gowns. Very thick, it retains heat thanks to its fleece effect and is acclaimed for its peach skin feel.

The embroidered finish

Ancestral technique, the embroidery enables the retranscription in relief of a pattern on fabric by affixing threads.

The chiselled finish

It refers to a technical process aiming to bring relief to a pattern by contrast between a part with loop yarns and a canvas part.


The Jacquard finish

A weaving technique allowing to create visible designs on both sides of the terry towel.

The embroidery service

An embroidery service is offered in Carré Blanc stores to customise the product of your choice and offer a unique gift


Carré Blanc collaborates with creators, illustrators and designers. and talented decorators, on a regular basis, giving them carte blanche to restyle on their own way our vision of linen.

Thus, we give the opportunity to rising stars like l'Encrerie Marine and My Lovely Thing to express their art on textile through Revelations collections. We also call on fashion creators like Elise Hameau to design unique Capsule collections, a combination between their creative universe and our know-how of beautiful linen.

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