Draw sheets, mattress protectors and pillows

Dust, sweat and dampness can damage your bedding if it's not properly protected. Our Carré Blanc mattress protectors are a real must-have, with a triple treatment effective against dust mites, bacteria and mould. For your comfort, our bedding protectors fit pillows, mattresses and bolsters perfectly and are quickly forgotten. They fit all sizes, even the most unusual.


  • Synthetic or natural materials for your bedding

    Whether filled with feathers, down or synthetic fibers, Carré Blanc comforters and pillows are made in France, with the exception of the Hanoi comforter, which is made in China, the land of silk. We also offer hybrid products, whose filling combines the advantages of a natural and a synthetic comforter: a soft welcome and efficiency in cold rooms, all at a competitive price. Whatever your choice, treat yourself to the voluptuous comfort of our Carré Blanc pillows and comforters!

  • Also discover our mattress toppers and protectors

    To improve the comfort of your bed and your sleep, we've designed a range of bedding protectors. Our mattress toppers keep your mattress fresh by protecting it from dirt and dust. Their thickness, between 3 and 10 cm, prevents the multiplication of pressure points and improves blood circulation. Pillow and bolster protectors are also available in our online catalog.

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