Children's bed linen sets

Make way for dreams and escapism with our Carré Blanc children's bed linen sets. As hardwearing as they are refined, our bed linens wrap little ones in softness and guarantee a good night's sleep. Nature, galaxies, animals, flowers... With their trendy patterns, our models appeal to the child's imagination and help awaken his or her senses. For a cheerful decoration that reflects your child's personality, let him choose his favorite bed linen from our selection!

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  • Why choose Carré Blanc children's bed linen?

    Carré Blanc children's bed linen sets are designed in different materials (pure cotton, percale, organic cotton). They will envelop your children for a soft night's sleep. Our children's bed linen is inspired by the world of the forest, nature and the galaxy, with animal, floral and constellation motifs. Soft, refined universes that should appeal to young and old alike.

  • How to decorate a children's bedroom with the Carré Blanc children's bed linen set?

    Our children's bed linen sets will be the centerpiece of your child's bedroom decor. That's why our design department creates fancy sets for every taste. It's up to you to choose the one your child will love best. Thanks to our sets, you'll be able to immerse your child in a new universe that's sure to help him or her develop.

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