Soft and light, our Carré Blanc foutas are the trendy alternative to bath sheets. Plain, striped or patterned, they compete in originality to please the whole family. For added comfort, our sponge foutas are made from a particularly cotton wool fabric. For your moments of relaxation at the beach, pool or spa, choose your favourite model and slip it easily into your bag !

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  • How to choose Carré Blanc foutas?

    For the bath or the beach, Carré Blanc foutas are available in individual standard sizes or XXL versions. Choose the model that best suits your needs. Lightweight and flexible, this nomadic item dries quickly and will accompany you on your next holiday. You can choose fouta towels in bright, soft or natural colours, with a traditional look or a more original design.

  • What materials are used in Carré Blanc foutas?

    Carré Blanc foutas are made from 100% cotton. The weight of our foutas collection (270g/m²) offers a good balance between softness and strength. The maintenance of this "hammam bath sheet" is therefore not demanding. If the Tunisian fouta has established itself as a trendy accessory, it's also a very practical one.

  • How do I care for Carré Blanc foutas?

    We recommend washing your Carré Blanc fouta at 40°C for a long life. Robust, the fouta towel has the particularity of becoming softer with each wash: it's a piece of linen you'll enjoy for a long time to come.

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