Bolster cases

Careful finishing and soft materials make our bolster covers the perfect way to protect your pillow. For a peaceful night's sleep, our products meet the highest quality standards. Take advantage of our many colours to create harmonious combinations in your bedroom. Our bolster covers are pleasant to the touch and fit all pillows thanks to their standard size of 45x190 cm.

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  • Why choose Carré Blanc bolster covers ?

    The Carré Blanc bolster case keeps your bolster in place longer and protects it from dust and dust mites. For optimum comfort, Carré Blanc selects high-quality materials that stand the test of time and offer the softest finish. Choose from our plain or patterned bolster covers to bring creative and original prints into your bedroom.

  • What are the different colours of Carré Blanc bolster covers ?

    We've got around twenty colours to suit all your decorating tastes. From the boldest tones to soft, natural shades, our bolster covers are infinitely versatile. Take advantage of our wide range of colours to create trendy mix-and-matches. For example: you can mix our plain bolster covers with our fancy bed linen to create unique combinations !

  • What are the dimensions of the Carré Blanc bolster covers ?

    Carré Blanc bolster covers are available in several sizes: 45 x 190 cm and 45 x 220 cm. Our bolster covers will add extra dimension and comfort to your sleep.

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