Our commitment

Our commitment

Commitments of Carré Blanc

At Carré Blanc, we believe in "conscious consumption".

Labels that mean something.
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Oeko-TexG.O.T.SEuropean flaxGRS

The fabrics and textiles we have around us comfort us, remind us of shared memories, and reflect our inner creativity.
At Carré Blanc, we’re passionate about this creativity, and the impact it can have on our lives - when it goes hand in hand with a more responsible, socially conscious way of producing and manufacturing.

100% traceability for all of our collections
25% of our collections are crafted from organic, GOTS-certified textiles
+ de 70% of our management team are women

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We’re so proud of the quality of our textiles, we’re giving them a second life in partnership with recycling platform Redonner! Recycle your used or faded household linen and textiles with Redonner and receive exclusive Carré Blanc rewards.



To help you make more informed choices, QR codes are now available on all Carré Blanc product labels. Scan each code to discover more about how our collections are produced, from the sourcing of our raw materials to how we manufacture our finished products.

Our collections

Our collections

Looks good, feels good! As of 2019, Carré Blanc is proud to offer collections crafted from GOTS-certified organic cotton, harvested using 50% less water than traditional methods. Comfortable, resistant, durable!



We’ve joined the Refashion initiative, which helps the textile industry implement actions inspired by notions of circular economy at all levels of the production and manufacturing chain - from eco-design to the recycling/upcycling of old clothes, shoes and home textiles.

Social impact

Social impact

We donate regularly to a number of charities, including L’Arche, Enfance Maghreb Avenir, Le Rire Médecin and Emmaüs Solidarité, to help combat inequality and support people in disadvantaged situations.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How long will my Carré Blanc product last?

    For years! It depends on the product in question and how you use it, as well as how you store it and how often you wash it. This can vary from 5-10 years for a duvet cover and 4-8 years for a towel to 3-5 years for a tablecloth.

  • How can I recycle my unwanted household textiles?

    Find out more about our recycling programme here.

  • What does Carré Blanc’s organic collections stand for?

    In 2019, we launched our GOTs-certified collections crafted from 100% organic cotton. View our organic collections.

  • What does Oeko-tex / GOTS / European flax-certified mean ?

    Find out more about our textile certifications here.

  • Is your packaging eco-responsible?

    At Carré Blanc, we avoid plastic, with the exception of the inner packaging used to protect your purchase - now recyclable in-store!

    We also aim to use as much FSC-certified packaging as possible, and our online orders are shipped using recycled and recyclable packaging.

  • How can I find out more about how a product is made?

    Visit the "ZOOM sur l’étiquette" section on the Carré Blanc website. You can also enquire in store or scan the QR code on each product.

  • Are all of Carré Blanc’s products traceable?

    Currently, you can access information on provenance and fabrication for 80% of our products.
    We’re aiming to reach 100% full traceability by the end of the year !

Got a question you’d like to see answered? Our Customer Service team are available to help!

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