Synonymous with holidays and sunshine, beach towels are essential for lounging on the sand and relaxing by the pool. Cotton velour and absorbent for a day at the pool or light for enjoying the seaside, our beach sheets, foutas and accessories will accompany you in all your moments of idleness.


Sea & Sun cotton fouta

What size beach towel should I use?

The beach towel accompanies us all summer long as we laze on the sand.
It's the essential accessory for our holidays. It dries us off, wraps us in softness and is becoming a fashion statement thanks to its increasingly trendy prints.
Size, weight and the nature of the terry are all criteria to be taken into account when choosing a towel.

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  • What's the difference between a beach towel and a fouta?

    Larger and lighter than a beach towel, a fouta generally weighs no more than 300g/m2, whereas a beach towel can weigh up to 500g/m2. The fouta dries quickly and is easier to slip into your bag than a terry cotton beach towel. On the other hand, the heavier-weight beach towel will be more absorbent for the body and hair.

  • Which beach accessory for a child?

    What could be better than a poncho to dry, warm and protect your child from the sun when they get out of the water? As fun as it is comforting, the poncho is the essential beach accessory for a child. Made from cotton with playful designs, the poncho will be your child's companion after every swim.

  • What size to choose for a beach towel?

    Indispensable for holidays in the sun, the beach towel is available in a range of sizes. Need to dry off quickly after your swim? Choose a beach towel measuring 100×700 cm. Want a larger beach towel for relaxing in the sun? The 100×180 cm beach towel is ideal.

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