Classic chic style household linen

Elegant and refined, the classic chic style has stood the test of time while remaining in tune with the zeitgeist. With its noble materials, soft colors and play of textures, it will appeal to fans of romantic, timeless decorating. Our Carré Blanc collections will be your allies in creating a classic chic decor and a warm atmosphere. For a cocoon that's both chic and comfortable, our comforter covers are made from noble, highly resistant materials.


  • Our classic-chic sets

    The classic-chic style suits all interiors. Beautiful textures, noble materials, and furniture that mixes the old with the new. Our bed linen sets try to stay true to this style. Our satin duvet covers give your bedroom a refined, precious look. Browse our online catalogue to find the bed linen of your dreams, and match your bed linen with the many colours in our plain ranges. Our Couture bed linen set, with its immaculate white, black geometric lines and removable accessories, is a work of art in its own right for your bedroom. If you love French style, the Promesse bed linen set will win you over with its fine, chic embroidery.

  • Opt for timeless household linen

    Classic household linen never goes out of fashion - quite the opposite, in fact! They can be adapted to any type of interior, from a contemporary flat to a country cottage. To create a warm and cosy atmosphere, complement your classic-chic décor with cosy accessories like velvet cushion covers or faux fur plaids. During the summer months, you can also add a few touches of bright colour with a floral bed linen set: a print that will liven up the decor of your classic-style bedroom.

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