Seaside style household linen

In search of escape ? Take a breath of sea air by adopting a seaside decor in your home. Between shellfish and crustaceans, our Carré Blanc collections smell of vacations! For an interior conducive to relaxation, succumb to our linens designed in soft, plush materials. Stripes, fish and marine colors adorn our seaside bed linen for an escape along the coast without leaving home.


  • Your interior takes on the air of a holiday home

    Stripes, shells and crustaceans invite themselves into the bedroom and bathroom to create a charming atmosphere that makes you want to travel. Our seaside collections can be combined with our linen bed linen for a very natural feel. Mix shades of sea, turquoise, emerald or pastel blue for a seaside atmosphere that will take you back on holiday. Mix our printed patterns with our plain collections to vary styles and moods.

  • Create a seaside decor in every room

    Perfectly suited to the bathroom, ocean linens bring a fresh, light touch to your home. Discover our sober, elegant towels and let yourself be invaded by the sea air they exude. Suitable for all members of the family, our playfully patterned products will find their place in a contemporary bathroom. As for the bedroom, all you need to do is opt for a sea motif duvet cover, combined with accessories reminiscent of holidays.

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