Embroidered table linen

Our Carré Blanc embroidered table linen is the epitome of elegance. Essential for everyday use, our products are aesthetically pleasing and stand out for their delicate designs. Embroidery has a special charm that makes the linen unique and precious. Thanks to our personalisation service, let yourself be seduced by a kitchen apron embroidered with your name or initials. Looking for an unforgettable gift? Personalised embroidery is always a safe bet.


  • What products make up the table linen range?

    In our table linen range, you'll find essentials like hand towels, glass towels and tea towels. In the kitchen, choose Carré Blanc potholders, gloves and aprons to practice your art of the stove in complete safety. And for a pretty table, you'll find our napkins and tablecloths.

  • Why choose Carré Blanc table linens?

    Our Carré Blanc table linen is distinguished by its quality finish and modern look. The accessories allow you to concoct tasty dishes with complete peace of mind. Available in a wide range of colors, our products adapt to your tastes and desires. Sold individually or in sets, our table linens are renewed with the seasons thanks to our style team.

  • What is the material of Carré Blanc table linens?

    Our Carré Blanc table linen is made from cotton, linen or honeycomb. It is highly absorbent and resistant. What's more, it's easy to care for and long-lasting.

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