A fascination that crosses generations.

Antique fascination

Unlocking the secrets of ancient civilisations is a fascination that spans generations. Discover the character of unique pieces and ancestral know-how with our new pieces available from August 2023.

« A collection inspired by ancient Egypt, a land of mysteries. »

Carré Blanc stylist

Ancient fascination - Bed sheet Papyrus
Bed sheet Papyrus

Fascinated by the treasures of ancient Egypt, our designers have created this sublime bed sheet.

Ancient fascination - Pillowcase Papyrus
Papyrus pillowcase

This lush vegetation reveals a second side with a graphic print of papyrus leaves.

Ancient fascination - Fitted sheet Papyrus
Fitted sheet Papyrus

A graphic papyrus leaf print to mix with the matching bed linen.



The mists of time, witnesses to ancient civilisations.

The mists of time

Like an enigma, the Eclipse collection unfolds the symbols of ancient civilisations. A warm and unique design to discover in shop or on carreblanc.com.

« A mix of graphic motifs inspired by the solar and lunar cycles. »

Carré Blanc stylist


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