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Permis de créer

An invitation to reinvention.

Murielle Marchand



Statement pieces for every style.



  Pampa II

Pampa II


As multifaceted as you are.

We’re constantly seeking new ways to reinvent our collections, while producing responsibly. Each season, our design teams unleash their creativity, imagining a bold and varied collection that’s made to least.


Sustainable materials. Responsible collections.

Sustainable materials. Responsible collections.

Anne Josse

Head of Product


Find out more about our industry certifications.
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Oeko-TexG.O.T.SEuropean flaxGRS

Raw materials

At Carré Blanc, we believe in the importance of the fifth sense: touch. Discover the softness of satin, the comfort of linen, the resistance of cotton percale - and the ultra-absorbent cosiness of our bath textiles and bath sets.



We’re proud to be transparent when it comes to what we do. From sourcing sustainable raw materials to encouraging responsible manufacturing processes, find out more about how our products are made by enquiring in store or by scanning the QR Code on your Carré Blanc product.


Carré Blanc gives new life to your laundry.


It’s time
to make a change

From bed linen and tableware to bath sets, Carré Blanc gives your unwanted household textiles a second chance in partnership with Redonnner.

  How does Redonner work?  

The answers to some of your most frequently asked questions

  • How long will my Carré Blanc product last?

    The short answer: for years! The long answer: it depends on the product in question and how you use it, as well as how you store it and how often you wash it.

    This can vary from 5-10 years for a duvet cover and 4-8 years for a towel to 3-5 years for a tablecloth.

  • How should I take care of my Carré Blanc products?

    Follow the instructions on our website product page and the label on the product.

    Discover our expert tips on how to take care of your products on this page.

  • Can I personalise my purchase?

    Yes! Embroider a unique message or initials on your bathrobe or dressing gown, pillowcases, and children’s accessories and toys. Find out more about our personalisation service.

  • How can I recycle my unwanted household textiles?

    Find out more about our recycling programme here.

  • What does Carré Blanc’s organic collections stand for?

    In 2019, we launched our GOTs-certified collections crafted from 100% organic cotton. View our organic collections.

  • What does Oeko-tex / GOTS / European flax-certified mean / GRS ?

    Find out more about our textile certifications here.

  • How can I find out more about how your products are sourced?

    Our teams can visit the Label section on our internal website. Customers can enquire in store or scan the QR code on each product.

  • What does traceability mean? Are all Carré Blanc’s products traceable?

    Currently, over 80% of our products are fully traceable. We aim to reach 100% by 2023!

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