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As the central living area of the home, the living room is the ideal place to express your decorative desires. Throws, cushion covers, decorative objects... transform your living room into a temple of conviviality, all in a warm, relaxed atmosphere.


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Decoration ideas:
a cocooning atmosphere in your living room

With our hectic lifestyles, it's never been more important to create restful spaces.
In any home, the living room is the main room where people like to relax, be entertained and enjoy their loved ones.
ACreating a cocooning atmosphere is good for the soul and gives you a comforting feeling of being at home. Would you like to create a warm and welcoming room?
Here are the golden rules for transforming your living room into a cosy nest.

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  • How do I put a plaid on my sofa?

    There's no better way to give your sofa a touch of style than with an attractive plaid! There are several ways to arrange a throw on your sofa. If your sofa has armrests, simply fold your throw lengthways and place it on the armrest. You can also place your throw on the back of the sofa by folding it rectangularly, or form a rectangular strip and place the throw on one side of your sofa from the top to the floor.

  • How do I wash a plaid?

    If your throw is slightly stained, apply a little washing-up liquid to the stain and leave for a few minutes before wiping the throw with a dry cloth. You can then put your throw in your washing machine. To preserve its softness, be sure to wash it on its own in the washing machine at 40°C maximum. Avoid tumble drying your throw, as this could damage it. Once your throw is dry, brush it to restore its softness and fluffiness.

  • What colour for the living room?

    For a living room with a soothing atmosphere, opt for neutral shades such as beige, white or pastel colours. You can also brighten up your living room with a stronger colour on one or more of the walls, and add to your living room elements of decoration, cushion covers or plaids in warm colours that will blend in perfectly with your interior.

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