Children's universe

To brighten up children's daily lives, Carré Blanc has designed colourful bath and bed sets with enchanting prints.
The embroidery, patterns and other playful details to help awaken the youngest children.
Bath towels, bibs, plaids, duvet covers and bath towels turn your children's moments into unforgettable memories.

The cheerful and colourful selection


Calliopé reversible duvet cover

Which bed linen for your child?
Our tips on making the right choice

To help the little ones get a good night's sleep, you need to pay particular attention to the quality of your bed linen.
It's the perfect companion for your child's night-time sleep, ensuring a gentle, serene rest.
Which material should you choose? Here are four tips to help you make the right choice.

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  • What colour for a child's bedroom?

    A child's bedroom is an important part of their development. This is where they will play and rest. That's why it's important to choose soft, soothing colours. Opt for neutral colours such as beige, grey or white, then add touches of brighter colours on the duvet cover, the cushions or the curtains. Finally, why not help your child choose the colours for their bedroom and let them express their creativity?

  • What size duvet cover should I choose for a 140 cm mattress?

    To choose the right size duvet cover and stay comfortable all night long, we recommend that you allow 30 to 40 cm of overlap on each side of the bed. For a child with a 140 cm mattress, the ideal duvet cover size is 200x200. This size covers the entire surface of the bed and keeps your child warm. Still in doubt? Take a look at our size guide, available next to all our products.

  • How do I choose the right size of children's bathrobe?

    To ensure that your child stays warm and comfortable in his bathrobe, the length is the major element to take into account. At Carré Blanc, we consider that a bathrobe of the right length is at knee height. To help you find your way among our different sizes, Carré Blanc indicates at the bottom of each product description, the size of the patterns used, namely: 2 years: 57 cm; 4 years: 62 cm; 6 years: 68 cm; 8 years: 74 cm; 10 years: 81 cm.

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